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It doesn’t matter how big or small your undesired habit is, at Empowered Directions we will help you kick the habit quickly, permanently and usually in only one or two sessions!

You’ve probably tried to help yourself break your addiction before, but have found that no matter how hard you try, its either too hard with just willpower, or the habit returns. Our sessions help you escape the clutches of addiction by enabling you to let go of the underlying subconscious reasons that initially set up the negative pattern. If you’re looking to change negative habits or addictions support and change is only a phone call away.

Why we have habits & addictions

Our reactions to things are based on experiences stored in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious actually feels our addiction is “good” because it has stored the feeling of satisfaction we originally received from thinking the thoughts or doing the action. Our subconscious is only able to refer to emotions we have already experienced, and it will automatically trigger us to feel those emotions when we see or think of a particular behaviour, even though now the habit may be something we wish to release. .

How therapeutic Hypnosis and NLP  frees you from addiction

With hypnotherapy and NLP, you can access the most powerful force within your mind, the subconscious. Often a person’s choices within life, although seemingly made through conscious and rational decisions, are actually determined by the beliefs and motivations that reside within the subconscious mind.

Together we focus on the subconscious elements driving the behaviour. Often, these are much more important than any physical factors, although physical elements are part of some addictions. Whether it’s drugs, cigarettes, coffee, alcohol or chocolate, or an addiction to a behavior such as gambling, cleaning, OCD etc, therapeutic hypnosis gives your unconscious mind the ability to let go of the beliefs that hold your addiction in place and to chose a more desirous and healthy option.

Break your bad habits…and replace them with good ones

If you want to get rid of bad habits, therapeutic hypnosis and NLP is one of the most effective and permanent ways to accomplish this . People are often surprised how difficult it is to get rid of an unwanted compulsive behavior. They tell themselves that it’s all a matter of willpower, and that once they have decided not to do that any more, that will be it. So it’s a shock when they find that the old habits keep on sneaking right back in there.

Using therapeutic hypnosis, we can access those unconscious levels where automatic behavior patterns are set up – all those things you do without even noticing you’re doing them until you’ve done them. Only then can we easily, comfortably and permanently establish a new set of positive behaviours.

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